our history

94 to Score Inc was founded in 2016 to provide both coaches and basketball players not only the opportunity to improve upon their skills and basketball knowledge, but also to provide players at any level to showcase their unique abilities in a tournament setting. With 3 founders having numerous years of tournament, club, and merchandise experience, the focus is to provide a quality product while teaching players and the coaches the values of teamwork and personal responsibility.

Our philosophy & goals


With a focus on sportsmanship and teamwork, we take great pride in recognizing athletes who showcase these characteristics at each of our tournaments by providing an award. This award is not only to build their self-esteem, but also to drive their competitive edge to improve.


A greater emphasis has to be placed on the fundamentals of basketballs. Our skill development sessions for players and coaching clinics for coaches are provided by 94 to score so players of all levels can improve upon this facet of their game.


94 to Score Inc shall be conducting numerous tournaments throughout the year in order for players to drive their competitive edge. Based on each tournament, teams shall be categorized from gold to bronze at each grade level in order to have fair and balanced competition.


Teamwork is essential to teams being successful at any level. The ability of players to make their teammates better is important and 94 to Score Inc shall recognize this from tournament to tournament. Each tournament shall provide awards to both first and second place winners in order for players to have goals to strive for.