Tournament Rules

The official rules for the 94 to Score Inc are the same as the CIF.
PLAYING TIME: 14 minute stop clock per half – 2nd half of the game the clock will run when a team is up by 15 or more points.
OVERTIME: An overtime period will consist of two (2) minutes of regulation play. After two overtimes, sudden death will be enforced in the third overtime.
TIMEOUTS: Each team will have THREE (3) timeouts per game. Each timeout will be 30 seconds. ONE (1) additional time out will be granted per overtime period. Time outs do not carry over into overtime.
FOULS: Individual players foul out if they receive FIVE (5) personal fouls.
BONUS: Teams are in double bonus free throws when the other team reaches TEN (10) team fouls for the half. There are NO single bonus.
FREE THROW SHOTS: A player may enter the lane on the release.

1. Head to Head Play: The team that wins the head to head competition between the two teams will move on.
2. Point System: A point differential system (among all tied teams) will be used if three or more teams are tied. Teams receive a maximum + or – 15 points. The team with the most positive points will be 1st place then 2nd place and etc. If two teams are still tied, they would revert to the first tie breaker system.

Any team who does not have FIVE (5) players by the start of the game will be given a grace period of Five (5) minutes before the game starts. After Five (5 ) minutes, the team may choose to play with FOUR (4) players, or they forfeit.

OFFICIAL BALLS: The HOME TEAM shall provide the game ball. If both teams cannot agree on a game ball, an alternate ball as chosen by tournament/gym supervisors will be used.
Boys divisions 6th Grade and above will play with a 29.5" basketball.
Boys divisions 5th Grade and lower will play with a 28.5" basketball.
All girls divisions will play with a 28.5" basketball.

JERSEYS: Home team is the first team listed and must wear white or light colored jersey. And Home team is responsible for providing the game ball.

  • Conducts

    All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team and parents. There will be only one (1) coach standing on the sidelines. Conduct of players and coaches should be above reproach both on and off the court. Any misbehavior or misconduct, on or off the court, will be subject to individual and/or team disqualification from the tournament. No refunds will be given for admission or tournament fees.

  • Challenges

    Any challenges must be made must directly to the Tournament Director and Referees before the start of the game pertaining the eligibility of a player or team. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to have proper documents (birth certificates, reports) when challenged. The Official’s decisions will be final. There be NO charge for challenges.

  • Score Sheets

    Head Coach/Assistant Coach is responsible to enter their roster on the Score Sheet prior to beginning of game. If you are not on the roster and played the game, it is an Automatic Forfeit. If you are on the roster, but added to the Score Sheet during the game (i.e. player came in late), it is a Technical Foul.

  • Girls Playing on Boys Team

    - All girls MUST qualify under the same eligibility rules as boys.
    - Girls MUST play in their official grade level.
    - There will be a limit of two girls per team.
    - Girls MUST follow the rule stated below “Playing on Two [2] Teams”

  • Playing on Two (2) Teams

    - Players may play for one team/one organization ONLY. Exception: Players can play for two teams in the same organization.
    - Players from the same organization CANNOT play on two teams in the same grade/age division. Ex: 1 player cannot play in the 8 Gold and 8 Silver.
    - A player cannot play in two simultaneously games scheduled at the same time.